A letter from our founder, Gemma

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

A warm welcome to all with our first Drip Boost Newsletter!

My name is Gemma and I am the Founder of Drip Boost. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to meet many of you in person but here are a few words for those I haven't had the pleasure of meeting yet.

Six months ago I set out on a mission to bring IV Vitamin Therapy to the masses.

In 2017 I suffered from chronic anemia which was debilitating. I was constantly tired, stressed and unaware that I was seriously depleted of some of the most vital vitamins. After being diagnosed I was told I required a blood transfusion! Through a strong and uncomfortable course of vitamins (I think I was taking 8 a day, anyone who has taken Iron knows how dreadful the side effects are), I decided to also do IV Vitamin therapy & B12 Vitamin injections.

The results over 2 months were great and I haven’t looked back since, making a full recovery - I credit IVNT to this. It also allowed me time to reflect on my nutrient and lifestyle and I started to look closely at foods and wellness activities that complimented me going forward. 

Drip Boost is a mobile IV Vitamin Therapy and Vitamin injection service from Essex. We now cover Essex, London, Berkshire, Kent, Hertfordshire and Surrey on demand. We also have monthly pop-up clinics in Epping and DermaSpa Milton Keynes.

Meet the Nurses

We have a selection of highly skilled Nurses working for Drip Boost who are professional, friendly and and trained in IVNT (Intravenous Vitamins nutrient therapy).

Nurse Debbie

Nurse Debbie is a Mid-wife in Surrey

Nurse Annabel

Nurse Annabel is a Senior Nurse in Private Hospitals

Nurse Rowena

Rowena works in the Aethtetics industry as well as monthly work back in the A&E. She also does Aethetics – follow her! @refreshaesthetic

Nurse Jo

Jo is a Nurse prescriber with over 20 years of experience. She is a nutritional Nurse who also sits on the Board of

Nurse Emma

Emma is a Sister at the Royal Free Hospital

Since launching in June 2018 I have set myself on a mission along with my Nurses to educate and show the benefits of IV Vitamin Therapy and Vitamin Injections, as well as getting to know our client base. Unsurprisingly the common theme amongst many of us is that we are simply juggling so much in the this fast paced world that we are constantly run down.

I have taken all feedback on board, listened to suggestions and constantly work on improvements to make Drip Boost the stand out brand of choice. We have a new and improved drip menu and as a thank you there are some offers for those that have supported the journey so far. With the help of our Doctor and the Nurses we can't wait to bring you our treatments in 2019.

So from me, a massive thanks for your support and please watch out for our progress in 2019!

About me

I spent 8 years working in the middle east before returning to London in 2015. I am originally from Essex and home is certainly where the heart it. I absolutely LOVE travelling and have been fortunate to see a lot of the world during my time abroad. I am a massive foodie who is now venturing into the world of exploring wine regions.

When it's not travel, work or Drip Boost, I simply enjoy spending time with friends and family and staying fit.

Favourite City – it’s a toss up between Beirut and Cape Town. Beirut has some of the friendliest people I have ever met and certainly know how to have a good time. Cape Town is breathtaking, if someone gifted me a small vineyard in Stellenbosh, I wouldn’t say no!

Food – Locally I love the Bel-Sit, having been there since I was younger I wouldn’t think of a more comfortable place to enjoy Italian Food. Il Bordello also has my heart!

Ho Le Fok in Hong Kong is a place of dreams, Tim Ho Wan is a close second. Le Petite Maision & Zuma are my Dubai favourites.

I am currently have a love affair with Vietnamese food as well as Island Poke.

Ok I’ll stop now!

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